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Rookie Spotlight: Dezman Moses

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The Man.  The  Myth.  The Legend.  DEZMAN MOSES!!  Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-US PRESSWIRE
The Man. The Myth. The Legend. DEZMAN MOSES!! Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-US PRESSWIRE

Rookie Spotlight moves from the its look at one of the stars of the draft (Casey Haywar and towards the big star of OTA's and minicamps: Dezman Moses.

How Acquired: Undrafted Free Agent

Chance of making the team: Probable (yup I said it)

Reasonable Expectations for 2012: Making the team and seeing light duty on an as needed basis. Every year there are one or two UDFA's that make the team. These guys come out of no where, make a name for themselves, and turn it into their chance for the big time. Past guys who followed this M.O. include: Tramon Williams, Spencer Havner, Frank Zombo, Sam Shields, Tom Crabtree, and Vic So'oto. From all the talk so far (and yes each one of those words is a different link) that guy appears to be Moses. Because of all this chatter it's hard to find a "reasonable" expectation for him. Zombo and Shields started and produced their rookie year after making their name. Williams and Havner spent a couple years on the PS. Since Moses has produced some in college and we really need an answer opposite from Matthews I think he makes the team and rotates in. If he can produce on special teams then it's a lock...if not then he may just end up on the PS. We'll find out once the pads go on.

How he can exceed expectations: Making Erik Walden or Zombo expendable. I would wager that just about every contributor here, from Kevin to any member of the site, has referred to the OLB position opposite Matthews as something in the flavor of the following: disappointing, below average, barely acceptable, or a big pile of "meh". I have a feeling that the Packer brass would agree with this assessment to some degree, and so we are treated to the flavor of the month that appears opposite him fresh from the discount pile of the NFL. Let's face it, Brady Poppinga, Walden, So'oto, and Zombo weren't exactly expensive prospects (although Poppinga was overpaid for a year). In fact all of those except Poppinga were basically found on the street. Moses is the next in line, but if he can show anything close to the excitement he's shown so far in camp then there is still that hope that we can get some production from our outside pass rush. Something sorely needed. If he can show enough for us to get past this pile of meh (especially in connection with Nick Perry) then he may even develop a bigger fan base than So'oto. Maybe.

Why Packer fans should keep an eye on him: Because we've kept an eye on every other flash at that position. I make fun of our other OLB's, but for the most part we all have believed in those guys at one moment or another. Watching this particular position is something we have been doing ever since the switch to the 3-4 defense and watching another contender step up to the challenge of taking pressure off Clay Matthews is something we are going to do anyways. Oh I should also note the fact that he put up great numbers on a terrible Tulane team. Yes it is important, but you and I both know that's NOT the reason you are going to be watching this guy in camp in a few weeks.