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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News And Links For July 30, 2012

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Brett Goode: best kid's bike-riding, #61-wearing, Packers long-snapper ever.
Brett Goode: best kid's bike-riding, #61-wearing, Packers long-snapper ever.

Happy Monday, everyone! In a twist of fate that would make even Garfield sympathetic, Kevin's internet died this morning, so it's up to me to cover today's Cheese Curds. So something something long lunch break, something something beer, and here we go.

Clay Matthews at ease on either side of Packers line - JSOnline
Matthews is one of the few Packer pass-rushers in recent memory who is comfortable on both sides of the line. Right, left, up, down, it doesn't matter - he's getting to the QB.

Despite new role, Packers' Clements will keep close to Rodgers - JSOnline
If you thought that a promotion to Offensive Coordinator would mean that he's no longer a QB tutor, keep dreaming.

Packers' Hayward playing like a pro - JSOnline
Sure, Casey Hayward looks awesome. Just remember that the guy is a rookie and don't go anointing him the second coming of Charles Woodson just yet.

Packers Casey Hayward: We Know, We know, But Just Calm Down | Jersey Al's
Hey, remember that thing I just said?

Is D.J. Williams Ready to Emerge? - Packerpedia
Here's a good look at Williams' struggles as a kid and how he's come to be a breakout candidate in the NFL.

Stay tuned for some news from around the NFL after the jump.

Will Replacement Referees Force Players To Consider A Walkout? -
Replacement refs aren't good for anyone, but the players think they'll be especially bad at ensuring player safety.

Lions Quotes: Jim Schwartz Comments On Day 3 Of Training Camp - Pride Of Detroit
Schwartz says the Lions' D-Line is "elite" but won't compare them to the Giants. That's probably good, because they're not as good as the Giants' line.

Chicago Bears Sunday Training Camp Recap - Windy City Gridiron
It sounds like Shea McClellin had multiple wake-up moments in practice this weekend. Now that he's a Bear, I hope he's not as good as we thought before the draft.

Insider: Teams want running threat as No. 3 QB - Yahoo! Sports
Lost in the middle of this article is the fact that some anonymous scout likes the fact that the Packers shut up, do their work, and play football. I do too.

Jerry Jones Wants Some 'Glory Hole' -
Presented without comment.

Rock your Monday, fellow Packers fans.