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Pulse of Green Bay Packers Training Camp: What Worries You More?

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It's still pretty early in camp but two interesting developments have taken hold that I don't think many (or any) Packer fans foresaw happening: 1.) Jarrett Bush is now the starting #2 CB; and 2.) Tom Crabtree is taking a bulk of snaps at the #2 TE. My question to you fine Packer fans sneaking a look at this on your lunch break is simple....

Which one of these two prospects frightens you more?

Both of these players are guys who have hung on to their jobs due to special teams contributions. Neither are dynamic playmakers at their primary position. I would imagine both will eventually lose that starting spot as a younger guy has a great camp, whether that is D.J. Williams who continues to make plays, Casey Hayward who is creating a solid buzz for himself, or Davon House who continues to climb the depth chart and has some momentum after a great day on Monday.

Despite all this reasonableness, we are in the part of the season prone to overreaction. I'm sure more than a few of you got a flashback sequence of Bush in coverage moments (including the second half of Super Bowl XLV, the Cardinal playoff game of 2009, and the 2009 Steeler game as well) when you heard that Bush was holding down the starting CB spot. Crabtree, while not having the same lowlights, doesn't really have a great highlight reel either.

So which one of these two prospects worries you more? Bush at #2 CB or Crabtree at #2 TE?