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Rookie Spotlight: Marc Tyler

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Rookie Spotlight stays with undrafted rookie RB's with a look at Marc Tyler after previously looking at Nic Cooper.

How Acquired: Undrafted Free Agent

Chances of making the team: Slim

Reasonable expectations for 2012: Making the PS. Much like Cooper and B.J. Coleman, Tyler's best chance of keeping his NFL dream alive is probably on the Packers' PS. It's hard to imagine the Packers keeping more than three running backs. Even harder still to imagine that those backs aren't James Starks, Alex Green, and Brandon Saine. Now Green could be slow to rehab and Saine's spot may be vulnerable, but Tyler will need to have a great camp and preseason to over take any of these guys on the depth chart.

How he can exceed expectations: Make the team. It's not outlandish for Tyler to make it up to the roster at some point during the season. Running back is a touch position and it takes a toll on the body. It's not hard to see an injury there....especially considering that the current #1 RB has yet to complete a year without getting dinged up and the #2 back is recovering from a knee injury.

Why Packer fans should keep an eye on him: Because the Packers need some sort of answer at HB. Let's face it, HB is not the strong suit of the Packers right now. If Tyler can show something then he could make a dynamic offense even better.