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Green Bay Packers Family Night Players To Watch: No. 5 - Davon House

A picture of the guy House is going to come up against at Family Night, because we honestly have no pictures of House yet.
A picture of the guy House is going to come up against at Family Night, because we honestly have no pictures of House yet.

Yes, it is too early to call a favorite in the race to start opposite Tramon Williams in the base defense, but Davon House appears to have the early lead. He has worked with the No. 1 defense for two consecutive practices, something that my co-authors will probably write about a bit later today, and he has all of the tools needed to play on the outside. He's 6'0", he has solid ups and straight-line speed, and Mike McCarthy likes how he plays in bump-and-run.

He's being challenged by Sam Shields, Jarrett Bush and Casey Hayward, and the battle for No. 2 corner should continue to be a four-way race until at least the conclusion of the first preseason game. I could have picked out any of these players as the top corner to watch during Friday night's Family Night scrimmage, but there are three reasons I've picked out House as a player that everyone should keep their eyes on. You can see those if you follow me below the jump.

1. He's the most complete player - Shields is more athletic, Bush is a better tackler and Hayward is more of a ball hawk, but House is the only one of the four players who does not have any glaring holes in his game. Shields and Hayward might both have higher ceilings than House, but they're less complete players right now, and because Shields has had a couple of years of experience at this point, he might always be a less complete player than House.

2. He's hot - Thursday is another day, but House has spent this week playing with the top defense and playing well. All indications from Wednesday's practice are that he's not going to lose the spot unless McCarthy, Dom Capers and Joe Whitt make a change just to give another guy a look. Things can change rapidly, but House is the top performer of the four players at this moment.

3. He might have to jam Jordy Nelson a lot - This is what I want to see, more than anything. If he can get a good jam at the line against Nelson, then stick with him on a route for three-plus seconds, I'll have faith that he can do it against anyone not named Larry Fitz or Megatron. I expect to see more of Nelson against House and Tramon Williams against Greg Jennings than anything else when the 1s work, but who knows what we might see? In any event, House is going to be in man, on the outside, against some top notch competition on Friday.


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