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Packers vs. Chargers: Rookies In The Spotlight Review

Pictured above is a rare event recorded for posterity: Andrew Datko blocking.  Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-US PRESSWIRE
Pictured above is a rare event recorded for posterity: Andrew Datko blocking. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-US PRESSWIRE

This rookie class for the Packers is going to play a big part in our season, perhaps a bigger part in the success of the Packers' season than any rookie class of recent memory. So with much anticipation Packer fans watched that rookie class perform for the first time at the NFL level. Before the game Tex highlighted a few rookies to watch throughout the game. Some of these players played well, others were okay but did not make an impact, some well.....they looked like rookies.

The Blue Chippers: Nick Perry and Jerel Worthy

The big question for Perry was how he would hold up in the pass defense, especially rushing the passer. Perry answered that question with bringing good consistent pressure and racking up a sack early in the game (and against the Chargers starters).

Worthy did not do much for good or ill in this game. He was rotated in with the starting defense, and took a good amount of reps in the 2-4-5 nickel alignment. The pass rush did look a bit better than last year and the pocket did get pushed, of which I'm sure Worthy helped with, but I don't know how much to attribute to him specifically. Nothing bad to write here, but nothing great either.

The Middle Rounders: Casey Hayward and Jerron McMillian

This was pointed out in the CB Battle review post, but Hayward had an up and down night. At some points he looked very good in coverage and was able to break up some passes, and at other times he bit too hard on double moves and just looked like a rookie out there. The future looks bright for Hayward, but he needs to get his nerves under control and get a bit more of a feel for the game. This will come with reps and some more preseason minutes.

McMillian played a quiet game. He was in on one tackle. Personally I thought Sean Richardson had a better game, but Richardson was going up against lesser competition in general. Right now none of the Packer safeties have much to brag about after that game.

The Late Rounders: B.J. Coleman and Andrew Datko

Coleman looked exactly like I thought he would in his preseason debut. He was generally okay, there was some bad throws and some good throws. I think he's got the potential to be a great backup in a year or two, but this year he's still a little raw. It would of been nice to see him play a bit more last night, but it makes sense to give Graham Harrell time to settle down and sink his teeth into the game.

Datko's performance did not gain him much ground for making the team. The best thing you can say about him is that there wasn't much of a drop off between him and Herb Taylor. Other than that he was beat more than once and did not create much running room when the running plays were called. Datko is a guy who is interesting and has some potential, but he's quickly getting a bad reputation among Packer fans with his struggles in one-on-one drills and two shaky performances against the Chargers and on Family Night.

The Undrafted: Dezman Moses and Marc Tyler

This might be my favorite two to write about because the performance each of these guys put up was cut from the same cloth. One had a pretty good night, but marred with one or two bad plays that will probably have many down on him. The other really didn't do anything, but since he's the guy everyone loves right now he gets a pass.

I liked Tyler's game last night. He ran tough and was able to create some yardage after contact. This is even more impressive when you consider that the offensive line he was working with was outright terrible. He did fumble at the end of the game which leaves a sour taste in everyone's mouth, but despite this I would say he had the best night as far as Packer RB's go.

I legitimately don't get the love affair with Dezman Moses. He looked lost in coverage and did not get any pressure last night. Despite this, some beat writers and fans seem to highlight him as having a good game. You know who did have a good game? Erik Walden. Nick Perry. Heck, Vic So'oto showed up more too! Moses still has plenty of buzz about him to get more game time but he's going to have to actually do something in order for me to get on the bandwagon.

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