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Packers Bubble Watch: Wide Receivers Not Encouraging Vs. Chargers

This picture isn't relevant, it's just awesome.
This picture isn't relevant, it's just awesome.

Wide receiver looked like the deepest position heading into Green Bay Packers training camp, but the depth beyond the No. 5 receiver isn't looking terribly encouraging after the team's first preseason game. Some experts believed before the start of camp that the team would keep seven wide receivers, but if Thursday's game is any indication, a cut down to six receivers won't be as painful as we once thought.

Diondre Borel was not bad on Thursday, but he certainly didn't look like the player that Aaron Rodgers and the coaching staff had been hyping up throughout the summer. In addition to his fumble on a kick return, he was unspectacular in the passing game, catching three balls for just 13 yards while playing extensive snaps against second and third team defenses.

The more fringe guys didn't exaclty help themselves either. Curenski Gilleylen had a big drop and had just one catch for 17 yards. Jarrett Boykin wasn't impressive either, and Shaky Smithson didn't make any impact in the passing game, in addition to his muffed punt.

Going into the game, Tori Gurley's injury was a fairly big storyline. With all of the competition for playing time and roster spots at the position, Gurley's injury looked like a huge setback, and everyone assumed that missing a preseason game would seriously hinder him in his attempt to make the roster. Instead, his stock increased by not playing at all. It's tough to imagine that Gurley would not have performed better than the second and third stringers who took the field on Thursday.

How many wide receivers do you think make the roster? Gurley and Borel are going to have to put in big performances over the next two games to convince their bosses that the Packers should keep more than five wideouts.