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Green Bay Packers Training Camp: Practice Notes 8/12

Dear Andrew Datko: please don't let the guys in the red jerseys behind you get killed. KTHXBYE
Dear Andrew Datko: please don't let the guys in the red jerseys behind you get killed. KTHXBYE

It was an early afternoon practice yesterday for the Packers, and with the number of non-participants at uncomfortable levels, it's no surprise that coach Mike McCarthy ended the session early around the 1:45 mark. Here are your practice notes:

  • Among those not practicing were Jermichael Finley (MV), James Starks (BC), and Brandon Saine, who is reportedly a week away from his return (TD). Ryan Taylor returned to practice after missing a week for a concussion (TS), while Jerel Worthy was also back after not practicing on Saturday (TS).
  • The special teams had an extended period at the start of practice (RD), wherein Mason Crosby hit both of his field goal attempts (MV).
  • Andrew Datko, Reggie Wells, and Herb Taylor rotated at the left tackle spot with the starters (TS). Datko also appears to be better balanced on the left side than the right (TS).
  • Evan Dietrich-Smith got a number of snaps at right guard on Sunday (WH). Apparently there's nothing seriously wrong with Josh Sitton, he was just put on a snap count (PD, TS).
  • In no-huddle drills, Aaron Rodgers threw one near-interception that was dropped by Casey Hayward (MV), a near-touchdown that was dropped by Brandon Bostick (TD), and then an interception to Brad Jones under pressure to end the drills (WH). Graham Harrell was later picked off by Jerron McMillian in 7 on 7 drills (MV) and Casey Hayward held onto an interception off B.J. Coleman (TD).
  • Later in team drills, Rodgers hit Jordy Nelson for a deep touchdown, burning the scout team secondary deep (WH).
  • Terrell Manning finally made a noteworthy play with a nice knockdown of a pass in 7 on 7 drills (TD).
  • Sean Richardson stepped up with a pick of a Rodgers pass. It hit Dale Moss right in the chest, so no blame goes to Rodgers for that one (TD).
Let's hope these injuries get sorted out and the banged-up Packers return quickly. We'll have more on Mike McCarthy's post-practice press conference coming up soon.

As always, these guys did the heavy lifting:

RD: Rob Demovsky
MV: Mike Vandermause
JW: Jason Wilde
TS: Tom Silverstein
WH: Wes Hodkiewicz
TD: Tyler Dunne
PD: Pete Dougherty
BC: Brian Carriveau


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