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Packers Sign T.J. Lang to Four-Year Contract Extension

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T.J., I hear you got a new deal. Nice going.
T.J., I hear you got a new deal. Nice going.

It's late and I just was about to hit the hay when I saw this come across my Twitter feed:

It appears that the Packers have locked up their starting left guard for the foreseeable future, as JSOnline confirmed earlier this evening. Lang was a steady player at left guard last season, taking over for the departed Daryn Colledge. He has great chemistry with linemates Bryan Bulaga and Josh Sitton, as their twitter feeds and pictures like this can attest.

Terms of Lang's contract are not yet available, but it can be assumed that he's sacrificing some potential money in exchange for a long-term deal that protects him in case of injury. We'll have more on Lang's extension tomorrow and in the coming days as details become available.

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