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Tarvaris Jackson Is Available...Are You Interested?

The patented T-Jack jump pass!
The patented T-Jack jump pass!

One of the consistent side notes of this training camp has been the need for a "proven vet" to back up Aaron Rodgers. It's an interesting point, one that I don't personally agree to at the moment, but one that does have some vaildity to it nonetheless. Graham Harrell has had an up and down camp this year. He also put together an up and down game against the Chargers to match his practices. B.J. Coleman has looked good for a rookie, but is also looking a bit rough around the edges at the moment to really be a viable option for the back up role this year. That leaves Ted Thompson with a tough choice, do you make a move or stay pat.

Now lots of people have been thinking that the Cleveland Browns might be willing to part with Colt McCoy in light of the rise of Brandon Weeden. This makes a certain amount of sense, but another recognizable name has arisen in trade talks: Tarvaris Jackson. It seems that the Seattle Seahawks have an interest in moving Jackson and that he's not a serious contender in the battle for QB. None of this is that surprising, but should Ted Thompson pounce on this opportunity?

Of course the odds are that Thompson stays put. The Packers have repeatedly express their confidence in Harrell and have made all the moves in the offseason (or lack thereof) to back up these votes of confidence. But the Packers also made many of the same statements about James Starks, but that didn't stop Thompson from breaking his normal mode of operations to sign Cedric Benson....did it?

Don't get me wrong here, I'm not saying that Ted Thompson should make this move or that he will make this move; rather, I'm asking you (oh faithful and true APC readers) if you would make this move given the opportunity. Let's break down the pros and cons after the jump...

The Pros:

I won't try to make T-Jack sound better than what he is here. He's not a great starting QB in this league. He's inconsistent and he repeatedly shows that he's not quite ready for prime time. That said, he does have a good history of coming off the bench and winning. He is perfectly capable of winning a game or two while the starter of the team is out, and would be a nice short term solution for backup QB while Coleman develops. Add in the fact that he comes from a system pretty close to our own (being in Darryl Bevel's offense most of his career) and you have an interesting option for a back up.

The Cons:

Remember how I said he wasn't ready for primetime? Yeah, that's not going to change. He's a significant downgrade from Rodgers, and if may not be a significant upgrade from long as Harrell can get his nerves under control. Add in the fact that it would probably cost the Packers a draft pick for such a small upgrade and this move may not make any sense at all. Come on!

So what do you say APC? Do you think that the Packers should look into this further....or should we stay away from Viking rejects like the plague?

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