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Packers vs. Browns: Five Non-Starters To Watch

This picture of Dezman Moses has spent a lot of time up on APC's front page. We need photographers who like to take more pictures of promising young linebackers.
This picture of Dezman Moses has spent a lot of time up on APC's front page. We need photographers who like to take more pictures of promising young linebackers.

Did you think that PA is the only APC writer who can put together "5 _____ to Watch" lists? Think again!

Let's face it: we all know that the Packers' starters won't be playing much tonight against the Browns. This game is about the backups fighting for roster spots. With that in mind, we decided to highlight a few players who won't be starting but whose performances will be intriguing or important to watch during the game.

RB Marc Tyler, #26

Tyler honestly didn't impress me a whole lot last week against the Chargers. Sure, he had a few nice carries and was running behind a patchwork backup offensive line, but I didn't see a whole lot that makes me think he'll make the active roster out of camp. He didn't look particularly fast, he didn't really find any holes in the line (although there may not have been any), and he fumbled. With the injuries at running back, Tyler should get another extended look tonight, and I hope to see more from him than I did last week. I think he'll need one or two "Wow" moments to start being a legitimate roster contender.

OLB Dezman Moses, #54

I know some people don't want to give up hope on Vic So'oto, but can we start the Moses for Hall of Fame bandwagon? He's been looking good rushing the passer, and while he needs some work in coverage, the tools appear to be there. The Browns may play their starters longer than usual tonight, so if Clay Matthews only plays a couple of series, we may get to see Moses working against Joe Thomas. You know, one of the best left tackles in the universe. I don't expect Moses to do much against Thomas, but imagine what a statement it would be if he does have a good performance.

Check out the other three players to examine after the jump.

DL Daniel Muir, #77

Muir has been one of the most high-energy defensive linemen in camp this year, and he's still a bubble player when it comes to making the team. I look for Muir to see a lot of snaps tonight, and hopefully he'll make his presence felt with a couple of big plays against the Browns' less-than-stellar interior line.

S Sean Richardson, #28

With Richardson and Levine potentially fighting for one roster spot, they'll likely see the field a lot in the second half, including on special teams. Richardson's big 6'2 frame gives him an edge over the smaller Levine, and he made some waves in camp this week with a few nice plays. Hopefully it will translate onto the field in real competition tonight.

WR Tori Gurley, #86

We've dissected the battle for the 6th receiver spot to no end, and we're probably not going to get any answers about it until the final cut day on September 1st. What we do know is that Borel is injured and Gurley is practicing, and he has made the most of his opportunities this week with some big catches. Gurley even pitched in on special teams, getting reps on coverage teams and even returning a few kicks. He won't get a better opportunity to showcase his skills than tonight, with Borel out and facing a shallow, smallish Browns secondary that only has two defensive backs listed above 6'0.

Those are the depth players that I'll be looking for tonight. What are your thoughts on how they'll perform? And is there anybody else that you'll be watching closely during tonight's game?


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