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Green Bay Packers Camp Battles: Starting Corner Drama

Tramon Williams shows the rest of the Packers CB's how to play the game of football.
Tramon Williams shows the rest of the Packers CB's how to play the game of football.

It's the biggest camp battle ranging at the moment, who is going to be the #2 CB? Last week Davon House put together a performance that should seal up this question....but then he got injured and is probably out the rest of the preseason. Things get bad if House has to miss some time in the regular season too. Sam Shields, another contender in this race, is also out with an elbow injury. That leaves two guys left standing in this competition to play last night: fan favorite Jarrett Bush and rookie Casey Hayward. How did they do?

Well, as always with these two it was a mixed bag. Casey Hayward got plenty of time with the starters last week. On one hand he came awful close to getting the play off the night, nearly making a pick which should of been returned for a TD. On the other hand the big completion that opened the door for a TD on the most of the starting defense was against him. Hayward also recovered a fumbled caused by Woodson on the first drive. Despite these good things, he gave up a few other big completions last night too. Mike Spafford of thought that he was a bright spot last night. Personally, I thought his performance was disappointing. Really, it was more of the same, some great plays some bad plays. He's got a good future, but if the Packers have to roll with him as starting corner it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Jarrett Bush's night was not that bad. Believe it or not I would probably be more comfortable with him in there as #2 if House is injured. Bush had a great night blitzing and in run support. He didn't give up many big plays in coverage either. When you consider his night compared with many others of the backup defense, especially Hayward's uneven performance, I would call that a win for Jarrett Bush.

Brandian Ross also had a pretty good night. Ross had some nice breakups and a very good hit on Brandon Weeden. Anytime you get the color commentator think you are Tramon Williams you have to be doing something right....right? Ross' performance probably won't launch him into the competition, but it is good tape for him if he is going to catch on somewhere else or possibly make the PS.*

In the end the big winner last night was Davon House. Nothing shown by any of these contending cornerbacks matches what House did last week or in practice so far. That said, there was enough positives here where I would feel comfortable with Hayward or Bush at dime. I would even feel fine with Hayward or Bush at nickel and a complete move of Charles Woodson to safety. But that's another story entirely.........

*NOTE - I don't know if Ross is eligible for the PS at this time. If he is another year there would be a benefit for him and the Packers.

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