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Green Bay Packers Training Camp: Day 7, Morning Notes

Greg Jennings' motto is "Be Great". He was in practice on Thursday.
Greg Jennings' motto is "Be Great". He was in practice on Thursday.

Here are your notes from last night's training camp practice. Consider your practice update part of your complete breakfast!

  • Ryan Pickett returned to practice yesterday (PD), as was Tori Gurley (WH). Desmond Bishop and John Kuhn were still held out of pads for their second day, as mandated since they just returned from the PUP list (Pack). Mike Daniels and Marc Tyler were still held out, however (WH).
  • Newly signed guard Greg Van Roten dominated early in one-on-one drills, winning his first nine in a row (RD).
  • Rob Demovsky speculated that Diondre Borel is currently ahead of Gurley in the race for a sixth WR spot on the roster, and that Gurley needs a quick return to practice. I'm not so sure of that, but then again I haven't been in attendance at practice every day.
  • Jarrett Bush got the first-team reps in the base defense last night (WH).
  • The backup offensive lines are taking shape. The second unit is Andrew Datko, Tommie Draheim, EDS, Ray Dominguez, and Herb Taylor from left to right, while the third team consisted of Shea Allard, Van Roten, Sampson Genus, Don Barclay, and a nonexistent RT (MV).
  • Sam Shields was impressive on the punt return team, beating gunner Curenski Gilleylen (WH). However, he later got burned when trying to jump a route against Brandon Bostick, who made the catch for a 20-yard score (WH, PD). He struggled later on, as you'll see shortly.
  • The starting receivers appeared to have a very good practice. First, Greg Jennings beat Davon House in one-on-one drills, then Jordy Nelson burned Bush for a long completion on the first snap of team drills (WH). Jennings later caught touchdowns from B.J. Coleman and Aaron Rodgers, beating Otis Merrill and House in the process (WH), before catching a pinpoint pass from Rodgers between Shields and Morgan Burnett late in practice (MV).
  • Ray Dominguez was reportedly carted off the field during team drills (JW).
  • The defensive line rotated through regularly. The first line consisted of B.J. Raji, Ryan Pickett, and C.J. Wilson, while the second rotation had Wilson, Raji, and Jerel Worthy (MV).
  • Dezman Moses looked good, showing some solid pass-rushing skills. He beat Datko at one point in team work (TD), and looked solid in drills later on (MV). He also had a big tackle for loss on Brandon Saine as well (MV, JW). Wilde even caught that one on video.
  • All three quarterbacks apparently had good practices, and no interceptions were thrown during the whole team practice (WH).

Friday's practice is Family Night under the lights at Lambeau Field. For any of you in attendance, enjoy and have a blast; I wish I could be there with you guys! As always, thanks to the beat writers for their live tweeting of practice.

RD: Rob Demovsky
MV: Mike Vandermause
JW: Jason Wilde
TS: Tom Silverstein
WH: Wes Hodkiewicz
TD: Tyler Dunne
PD: Pete Dougherty


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