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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for August 3, 2012

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Welcome to Friday, everyone! With Family Night on the horizon, I suggest you all just leave work early and start tailgating. As for me, I'll be taking a long lunch break at Culver's, since I need my dose of Wisconsin before the scrimmage tonight. On to the links!

Raji used boxing to prep for 2012 - JSOnline
I wouldn't want to mess with Raji in the ring. Think it's anything like when the Fridge went on Celebrity Boxing?

Packers Calendar: Family Night & Mirror Ball on Display | Cheesehead TV
Cheesehead TV breaks down the schedule of events for tonight's Family Night Scrimmage, including the fact that Donald Driver's Dancing With the Stars trophy will be on display. Yay.

Nick Perry: High Priority Project for the Green Bay Packers | AllGreenBayPackers.Com
Jersey Al's breaks down Nick Perry, who hasn't made a whole lot of big news around practice yet. I still think he'll be a big upgrade over Erik Walden. Walden won't possibly compete with Perry for the starting job, right?

Perry battles Walden for starting linebacker position - JSOnline

Hungry linebacker D.J. Smith watches and waits - JSOnline
In Inside Linebacker news, Desmond Bishop sees a lot of himself in D.J. Smith. So do I.

Wily past drives intensity of Packers' Muir - JSOnline
Daniel Muir is a highly motivated individual. He'll need to be in order to make the roster with the quantity of players on the defensive line in camp.

Packers' O-line seems set, but questions remain - Yahoo! Sports
Yahoo doesn't seem super-confident in the offensive line yet. Shut up, Yahoo, Marshall Newhouse is an All-Pro, even if I have to cover my ears and yell "LALALALALALALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU!"

More news from around the NFL is after the jump.

Jerry Jones Has A Prediction For Opening Night Vs. The Giants -
The Jerry Jones quote machine keeps on chugging.

Buyer Beware: Tall Tales From NFL Training Camps -
There is a lot of misinformation coming out of training camps around the NFL. Here's your guide to the lies and misdirection.

Roger Goodell Meeting With Nick Fairley, Mikel Leshoure At Lions Training Camp -
Goodell is not happy with these two. It sounds to me like he's going to suspend them for a couple of games each once the legal process is finalized.

Billion Dollar Browns: Team Officially Sold To Jimmy Haslam -
The Cleveland Browns sold for a billion dollars. With a B. Let that sink in for a minute.

Finally, Jason Babin Has Pooped - From Our Editors -
Um...that's more information than we needed about an NFL player's digestive system. Cue the 3rd-grade humor in the comments.

Go forth and enjoy your Friday!

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