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Hope From Green Bay Packers Training Camp: B.J. Coleman's Bright Future

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I've mentioned a few times on here that I sit in the stands for camp and take notes on a legal pad, well that often gets noticed by the people around me. As the conversation goes I mention the site and that I'm author here and I always get a chuckle and the comment that they were wondering if I was just that hardcore a fan or a reporter or something. After this exchange those same people start picking my brain like I'm some sort of expert, getting my opinion on this player or that player. It's overwhelming, but it can be fun as well.

One of the players that is often asked about is B.J. Coleman. There are lots of Packer fans both here and at camp who are very excited about what this kid brings to the table and I can hardly blame them. Coleman has a strong arm and can throw a pretty ball. When you throw in the reports about his work ethic and the energy he brings to the team, you can see why people are hoping that Coleman can push Graham Harrell for the back up QB position.

I have to admit that I wasn't big on Coleman at the start of camp. I doubted that he would be able to make enough of a push to make the roster and would probably be a bigger story next year rather than this year. This conclusion hasn't completely changed yet, but I am starting to see some of those things that are getting everyone excited. Specifically I'm starting to see the ways that Coleman looks a lot like Peyton Manning. His pump fake, mechanics, and play style does resemble Manning quite a bit. It's interesting to watch in practice. Mix this with his accuracy coming along nicely and he may be ready to push for a roster spot sooner than I first thought.

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