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Five Things The Green Bay Packer Depth Chart Tells Us

"Psst....Ted, who do you think I should start at cornerback this week?" Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-US PRESSWIRE
"Psst....Ted, who do you think I should start at cornerback this week?" Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-US PRESSWIRE

In anticipation of the upcoming game against the San Diego Chargers, the Packers have released their depth chart for the game. More importantly though is that this is the first depth chart of the 2012 season. Really, the depth chart is one part of a larger dope sheet (which is interesting if you have some free time and want to learn a whole lot about the Packers and how the team is built), but the depth chart is that little nugget buried away that will steal the headlines.

Now before we get into what the depth chart does tell us, let's first go over what it doesn't tell us. As you skim over the contents of the depth chart it's very clear that we are talking about the base offense and base defense, and I mean base in the most traditional of terms. It's 3-4 for defense and 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE offense. As a result you see things that you might not see down in and down out reflected on the sheet. For example, Charles Woodson is listed as the starting strong safety, and Ryan Pickett and C.J. Wilson are listed as the starting defensive ends.

The depth chart also isn't much help in shedding light on the battle for the last WR spot. Diondre Borel is listed as the third back up for Greg Jennings and Tori Gurley is second backup for Jordy Nelson. Neither of these listing is too surprising when you consider the strengths of the two starters and then Borel and Gurley.

That said, there are some interesting bits of information to glean off this release from the Packers. After the jump we'll sort through five topics that catch the eye. I also recommend looking at Jason Wilde's break down of the roster as well.

1. Seniority seems to be a default rule. There are lots of spots on the roster where it seems that when the coaching staff was in doubt they just put the guy with the most seniority ahead of the other guys. The best example of this is at outside linebacker where Vic So'oto has been listed ahead of Dezman Moses. Technically Moses is behind So'oto and Jamari Lattimore, but let me tell you...I haven't seen Lattimore at the OLB much (if at all) at practices and So'oto has not been running ahead of Moses in the reps. Heck, So'oto hasn't had as good a camp as Moses in general.

2. Crabtree higher than you probably think. It could be the seniority principle mentioned above, but Tom Crabree is listed at the number two TE. Now unlike OLB, this does match with what has happened in practice. Now I'm not saying he'll hang on to that till the end of practice, but it does show that Crabtree's spot on the roster may be safer than many think.

3. Saine's security. Brandon Saine hasn't impressed me in camp, but he must be impressing someone because he is currently listed as the number two HB and ahead of (my personal favorite) Alex Green. I don't expect this arrangement to hold out through camp and as Green gets healthier, but it does show that Marc Tyler and Du'ane Bennett have their work cut out for them to make the team Since Green and James Starks aren't going anywhere.

4. The possiblity for fake field goals grows. Randall Cobb is listed as the backup holder. Wouldn't it be great to see an awesome fake with him running or throwing the ball? I mean they can give it to me just once in the preseason!

5. The CB drama continues. Jarrett Bush is listed as the starter right now opposite Tramon Williams. A part of me thinks this is mostly a seniority factor, but House did lose some of his starting reps recently as well. What could be more interesting is the fact that Casey Hayward is listed as Bush's backup while Davon House is the second backup to Williams (Sam Shields ahead of him). Has House slipped more than we realized? Or is this something akin to Moses being below So'oto? The biggest lesson that can be taken from this though is that there probably isn't a clear front runner for this position and so the upcoming practices and games are going to go a long way for this starting position.

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