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Green Bay Packers Training Camp: Notes, Thoughts, and Observations Practice 12


I guess one can start becoming a fixture at camp when the event staff starts asking you what you are writing in your notebook. That happened to me at practice on Tuesday. It's a great opportunity to promote the site and when people around hear that you are a blogger and at camp regularly questions start to come out of the woodwork.

Today most of those questions came in the form of Nick who sat next to me the rest of practice once he heard I was a blogger. We spent the rest of practice comparing notes on what was happening so far and how the roster was shaping up. I have to admit that watching practice is a much more enjoyable experience when you can BS with someone in the stands about what is happening. I also got another visit from Tony who appreciated the shout out and we talked camp as well. The lesson is that if you see a lonely blogger in the stands say hey and talk Packers' football with him.

After the jump you'll find: an update on Brad Jones, your daily update on the CB race, and PA struggling to find an offensive player to highlight.

Biggest surprise of the day - The use of Jerron McMillian. Life is a funny thing. I had just finished up a radio spot previewing the Packers and feeling all smart and such when Nick came down and started asking me questions. He then started asking me some pretty technical questions about special team calls (which I had no idea about) and then about the safety race....and I forgot about McMillian in the mix. Needless to say I felt pretty stupid. After this exchange I paid closer attention to where and how McMillian was lining up and it was bouncing between S and CB. The use of DB's is often fluid, but as I watched him I couldn't quite figure out his specific place in the secondary rotation. Right now I have the feeling he's insurance on either end, and a guy who is going to be trouble for Anthony Levine and Sean Richardson to make the roster in general.

Disappointment of the day - SHELLS! When I saw the players in shells today I knew that any information gleaned out of this practice would be limited. Again, it makes sense given the amount of injuries building up....and was probably the right call.....but coach McCarthy is supposed to make the players work harder not us innocent bloggers right?

Offensive performance of the day - B.J. Coleman I guess. Coleman had some nice throws, including a couple good deep passes for TD's. Him and Harrell still had some errant passes thrown in as well, but Coleman had enough for me to highlight him here. The guy I really want to highlight here though is Mason Crosby. Crosby made all his field goals again today...putting him perfect this year so far on the practice field. The guy is good and should have a solid, if not very good, year.

Defensive performance of the day - TIE Jarrett Bush and Davon House keep the competition close. Really all three corners had a good day today. Casey Hayward was like a shadow out there, keeping close coverage and showing those instincts that made him a high pick (although the QB and the WR would typically make some great plays in order to still get the completion). House broke up his share of passes, once again displaying tight man to man coverage. Bush was able to get a pick off tipped ball from Tom Crabtree. For anyone keeping track of the score at home, House had the majority of starting CB reps today with Bush and Hayward splitting the reps for nickel CB. All three have looked good so far.

PA pay attention! Brad Jones update. Brad Jones is an interesting question thus far in camp. I think the Packers have all but given up on him along the inside. Today I only saw him take reps at OLB, and it's not the first day I've seen this happen either. I would also say that he's behind guys like Dezman Moses and Erik Walden in the OLB rotation as well. Despite this Jones gets regular reps with the #1 special teams units, which continued today as well. I would say that he's definitely on the bubble and I wouldn't be surprised if he made the team or just missed the roster.

Only at Packers camp - Shyness strikes. The best stuff happens when the players are coming to and from practice. Today I was walking along when B.J. Coleman and a couple other rookies started arriving to camp on the bikes. When they first appeared a little girl turned to me (or any other person taller than her who looked like they knew what was going on really) and gleefully asked "Are those Packers?!" This got a few chuckles and of course the answer was yes. Her parents were telling her to take their picture (she had her camera ready) and then she clammed up a bit. Shyness strikes at the most in opportune times sometimes.

PA's controversial call - Derek Sherrod looks to be destined for the PUP. We are now two weeks through camp and no Sherrod. There are only three weeks left to camp and most of the word out of 1265 Lombardi is that Sherrod is still a week or so out. At point in the near future it's time to just shut down Sherrod for the first six weeks of the year and let him get that leg right. When that happens they are probably going to need more depth at LT, but that can be dealt with later. Right now the Packers have to make sure Sherrod can compete next year and be a part of the long term future of the team.

As always, please leave questions about what you would like to see followed up on in camp. Practice starts at 3:30 CST (4:30 EST), which means my final checks of the comments will be around 2 PM CST (3 PM EST). If you are at camp and want to give me a shout (or you know save a seat for me) I'm the guy with the legal pad and cap that looks like a Packers' helmet.

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