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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News And Links For September 1, 2012

NOOO!!! It's conceal!  Hide under the bench right now mister.
NOOO!!! It's conceal! Hide under the bench right now mister.

So I get to wake all of you up on this fine Saturday morning. My first decision in all of this was to let you sleep in....because you know it's Saturday. Well, that and yesterday was a busy day in the NFL with lots of news coming at all of us at once. Today we change gears and really jump into regular season mode. That means actual scheming and game planning by the Packers and more analysis of guys like Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews rather than someone like Vic So'oto. For now we'll startwith some links and news.

Packers keep 10 rookies, includingi sixth WR Boykin on 53 | ESPN Milwaukee

Doing things like this is how you keep a roster young. The Packers are still a draft and develop team after all.

Packers' roster cuts point out problems on OL | Green Bay Press Gazette

I think we can all agree that there were problems with the second team OL, and that there is still a depth problem now.

2012 NFL preview: Packers go 16-0?| ESPN NFC North Blog

AccuScore is an interesting system but I think they need to adjust it if it thinks any team is going to go 16-0.

Green Bay Packers cut down analysis| John Clayton ESPN

Ummm....Mr. Clayton I know you are "The Professor" and all, but there isn't an Alex Daniels on the Packers. There is a Mike Daniels though.

Packers QB B.J. Coleman and Operation Conceal Coleman |

I think the Packers like Coleman, but I don't think they play these sorts of games as much as fans think they do. Coleman looks like he has potential, but it's not like he's ready for the NFL yet either.

After the jump some highlights from around SB Nation

Preseason Review: Russell Wilson | Mocking The Draft

A little something for all those Badgers fans wanting Wilson to do good.

Waivers, The Practice Squad, And How It All Works | Daily Norseman

It's always good to have a reminder ourselves of how this these teams operate each year.

Steelers Roster Cuts: QB Jerrod Johnson, OT Trai Essex, P Jermey Kapinos All Released | Behind The Steel Curtain

Remember Kapinos? Yeah I try to forget him too.

Why Giant Fans Hate The Dallas Cowboys | Big Blue View

You mean there's a reason beyond them simply being the Dallas Cowboys?