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Green Bay Packers 2012 Roster: The Practice Squad Hopefuls


Final cut down day has come and went and final 53 has taken shape. A bit later today I'll go over our prediction and see where we were right and wrong, but before we get into that let's go through our cuts and see who we want to make the practice squad. For any who may not know, the practice squad is a group of eight players who a team cuts, but then once they clear waivers may keep in house to develop for the future. These players then practice with the team, go to meetings, and all that, but don't count against the final 53. A team may recruit practice squad players of another team in order to sign to the active 53 man roster. So if say the Minnesota Vikings (for example) liked a WR on the Green Bay Packers practice squad then the Vikings could try and sign one of those players to their active 53 man roster (again totally hypothetical). The player can then choose whether to accept the offer or not. If the original team wishes to protect that player from leaving then it has to sign him to the active 53 man roster and make any space as needed by cutting, trading, or moving a player to IR.

So with that background of the way, who do you think the Packers should try to get on their eight man practice squad? Some suggestions after the jump.

B.J. Coleman - This guy is probably first on every Packer fan's list to make the practice squad. It's not hard to understand why, he's a promising young QB project. He has plenty of potential to be a starter in the league, and maybe something special. The problem for him is that he's a bit raw right now. Some time in meeting rooms with Aaron Rodgers and Tom Clements will help. Time in Mike McCarthy's QB school even better.

Andrew Datko - I have loved the story line of Datko these past few months. When he was drafted this spring you might of thought he was the left tackle of the future with how much fans were heaping praise on him. Once training camp started and he struggled you would think that had zero potential in the NFL. Now some of that buzz is back hoping that he makes it to the PS. Datko is a great PS candidate in order to get healthy, learn technique, and put a bit more bulk on his frame.

Dale Moss - The is a guy who has the raw abilities to be a pretty good WR he just didn't have the experience at the position or in football yet. Will another team be tempted by his upside, or will he be able to learn in an established system for developing WR's like Green Bay?

Nic Cooper - John Kuhn is a pretty good fullback but not getting any younger. Cooper has a similar background as Kuhn and could develop into his eventual replacement if he is able to clear waivers.

Greg Van Roten - The Packers have problems with depth at O-line. Van Roten obviously wasn't ready to step up and produce now for the Packers, but did show some ability to develop into a decent backup interior lineman. Giving him some time could pay off.

Tommie Draheim - There were some high on Draheim at the start of camp. He does have some potential and the Packers do need to find a center for the future. If Draheim can learn the blitz pickups and develop more technique he could be a potential answer down the line.

Marc Tyler - For some reason many people are high on the kid. I don't see it. Despite my own reservations, having a running back on the PS is a pretty good idea just in case.

Tori Gurley / Diondre Borel - This would be sweet wouldn't it? I'm not sure these two guys would choose to stay here, but if they clear waivers why not? Take another year to develop. Let the offense get hot again and then when the teams come to call they just wouldn't say no.

Lawrence Guy - The Packers liked their seventh round pick from last year. He does many things well, and has the right size to be a two gap player along the line. The problem right now is that he's just not totally ready to step up and perform. Taking some time to learn the position and try again next year could be very good for Guy. Especially when you consider that there probably not much of a long term future Ryan Pickett.

UPDATE 4:35 EST: The according to the GBPG the Packers have signed seven of the eight practice squad spots (tell me if this list looks familiar):

Andrew Datko

Diondre Borel

Marc Tyler

Lawrence Guy

Brandon Bostick

Greg Van Roten

B.J. Coleman

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