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Packers vs. 49ers: MVP Of The Game

For the record, this was the legal block on this play.
For the record, this was the legal block on this play.

It's hard to choose a MVP for a loss. It's harder to choose an MVP of the game after a tough loss where so many things seemed to go poorly. Despite this challenge I'm resolved to give you all three options to choose from for the MVP for week 1's game against the 49ers. Two of the players are easy to name, but the third is going to be tricky for me to think up.

The first player to come to mind is Randall Cobb. Cobb basically brought the Packers back into the game single handed near the end. He had an impressive punt return for a touchdown (even though there was a missed block in the back courtesy of Terrell Manning). He was also a key option for Aaron Rodgers in the passing game due to his ability to make something happen with quick outs, slants, and being an option out of the backfield. If there is one thing to be excited about from this game it's that Cobb could be a very exciting player for the Packers' offense this year.

The next player that should come to mind for MVP honors is Clay Matthews. As much as we want to pull our hair out over the defense one thing can be said....the pass rush has improved. Smith was under pressure many times through out the game and Matthews was able to run much freer than he was able to last year. In fact he is nearly half way to where he was last year for sacks already. Even better was that his sacks came at some key times, forcing more than one fourth down. The shame is that Matthews is probably the only one on the defense worth highlighting for MVP honors.

The last player I'm going to nominate for you all may come a bit out of left field, but I'll put it out there anyways....James Jones. Jones wasn't dominate on Sunday, but he was a pretty solid option. He was the recipient of one of the few big plays of the day and caught a touchdown. The real reason I am nominating him though is that he was one of the few Packers that seemed to continue to fight when all seemed lost. He and Greg Jennings were fighting for that last extra yard on more than one occasion and trying to get the Packers in the game when many others just seemed to sleep walk through the second half.

Hopefully the dynamic play of Cobb and the improved pass rush will mean better play in the future. For now though we Packer fans need to just hang on our hat on the hope of the rest of the season and the fact that the team still has some potential....especially with players like Cobb, Matthews, and Jones.

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