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Bears vs. Packers: MVP Of The Game

Seen here: Clay Matthews getting his groove back.
Seen here: Clay Matthews getting his groove back.

Last week the defense got most of the time in my "Dud Of The Week" post. This week the defense gets most of the focus in the MVP post. What a difference a week can make. On Thursday night against the Bears the Packers defense stepped up and shut down what many are dubbing the best Bears offense of all time. Over the course of this fine performance the defense once again showed that the pass rush has improved from last year and it paid off much better this week.

Like last week I'm going to let you all decide who was the MVP of the game for the Packers. It's even okay if you don't vote for Clay Matthews. I'm not sure why you would vote for someone besides the Claymaker, but that's your call. Actually there are plenty of good players to highlight tonight that are plenty worthy of receiving the MVP honors. So let's meet the nominees:

Clay Matthews. Do I need to write something here to tell you why he deserves your vote for MVP of the game? Well, if you didn't actually watch the game I'll give you a quick rundown. He had 3.5 sacks (bringing him up to his 2011 total of six sacks on the year). The sacks alone don't really do justice to the night Matthews had, a better way of saying is that he crawled into Jay Cutler's head, caused him to make bad decisions Herman's Head style, and ruined Cutler's night. He also got the cheapest MVP gift ever from NFL Network. I mean this little gift basket makes the Galloping Gobbler look cool.

Tramon Williams. Leading up to the game I said that if Tramon Williams could shut down Brandon Marshall then the Bears offense would pretty much be shut down. Well, Williams had as many receptions from Cutler as Marshall did....and one of those receptions that Marhsall had was in garbage time. I would say that's pretty much shutting down Marshall. I would also say that is one of the main reasons the Bears did not do much offensively in the game. Well that and Clay Matthews crawling inside of Jay Cutler's head. It's good to see Willams back in form and healthy.

Tim Masthay. Scoff if you will, but it might of been Masthay who won this game for the Packers in the first half, even more than Clay Matthews. Early in the game the Packers were in a field position battle with the Bears. Neither offense had gotten rolling and both defenses were getting pressure on the QB. Through this field position battle it was the difference in the punters that allowed the Packers to eventually move close enough for a field goal. Masthay had some beautiful punts to keep the Bears pinned back. He followed this up with a touchdown pass on a fake field goal. If there was ever a game to salute a punter for his individual performance Thursday night was the night.

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