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Bears vs. Packers: Dud Of The Week

This is a picture of a pass that was probably dropped by Jermichael Finely or James Jones.
This is a picture of a pass that was probably dropped by Jermichael Finely or James Jones.

I know that some didn't necessarily enjoy the concept of a dud of the week, but let's face performance is perfect. Last week it seemed like everything went wrong, but there were still bright spots. This week everything seemed to go right, but there were a few warts that need to be addressed. Specifically there were a few players who just did not pull their weight and should be singled out and shamed here for all to see (by the way if you don't want's shame report you are missing out on a nice way to kill a few minutes).

This week the offense is going to have a good number of players to choose from for the dud's. Last week I excused many of these same guys because the 49ers are just a different sort of defense. The Bears are also good as a defense, but there was no excuse for as many dropped passes and missed blocks as took place on Thursday. Realistically this game should of been a blow out and would have been if more guys actually catch the football.

So let's meet this week's nominations for "Dud of the Week":

Marshall Newhouse. This nearly was T.J. Lang, who was also terrible, but Lang made just enough blocks to avoid getting the blown aim of my angst. Newhouse didn't make any blocks it seemed like and so lands on the list. Newhouse struggled against Julius Peppers (not too surprising but not good). Newhouse struggled against Shea McCllellin (this is just straight up not good). Newhouse struggled in just about all facets of the game. I don't know if Derek Sherrod can be the answer when he gets healthy, but I'll feel better knowing there is at least another possible answer if Newhouse continues to struggle.

Jermichael Finley. I've been patient with Finley. Last week he got a pass for his drops and mental mistakes because he also was the majority of our offense early in the game. This week he gets no such pass (which is good because he would probably just drop that too). Drops and a fumble marked the majority of Finley's performance. He's got to make a serious step up and turn around this year otherwise he's just going to be a big mouth a whole lot of wasted talent.

James Jones. All of the receivers dropped passes (except Donald Driver). Jordy Nelson didn't have a great game. Randall Cobb was solid enough, but made some bad drops. There was something different about what Jones was able to put together....or lack thereof. Jones should of had a big game last night, but instead he dropped a pass in the end zone and caused Aaron Rodgers to get an INT because he gave up on a route. If Jones keeps playing like this it may cause those clamoring for a trade of Greg Jennings to rethink their position.

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