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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News And Links For September 14, 2012

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Well, that win felt good. I'm glad that Jay Cutler is still the same old Jay Cutler. Don't ever go changing on us, buddy. It's nice to have my belief reaffirmed that losing to the 49ers doesn't make a team bad, while beating the Colts doesn't make a team good. Here's your daily dose of Green Bay Packers news and links.

Defense answers critics | Green Bay Press-Gazette

This is good once you forgive the hacky line about high gas prices and the economy.

Benson breathes life into Packers' rushing attack | Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

His 4 YPC day was massive.

Gut Reactions: Week Two | Cheesehead TV

I think that if it was 4th and 25, Mike McCarthy would have called something different. But 4th and 26? He had to avenge our honor on 4th and 26 plays.

All of a sudden, nobody's worried |

Admit it. Until Jay Cutler's first pick, you were worried.

Matthews leads Pack's solid win over Bears | FOX Sports Wisconsin

In case you missed it, Clay was insane last night.

Packers vs. Bears - Game Day First Impressions, Unfiltered: GB 23 CHI 10 | Jersey Al's

Complete with cursing.

Packers, Bears get a little chippy | ESPN Wisconsin

And then there was this. Plenty of pushing and shoving. A.J. even took a dive to draw a 15-yard penalty.

More from around SB Nation after the jump.

Packers Put Away Bears On Thursday Night Football, 23-10 |

The mothership's coverage of last night's game.

NFL Picks Week 2: These Predictions Can't Be Wrong! |

Always 100 percent correct. Bet your life savings.

Bears fall to Packers 23-10 - Quick Recap | Windy City Gridiron

They're super happy.

Debunking Falcons Flaws | The Falcoholic

It'll be really interesting to see how for real the Falcons are. They surprised me (and everyone else) last week.

Lions Quotes: Jim Schwartz, Scott Linehan Preview 49ers Game | Pride Of Detroit

Get ready for a fight, y'all.

Three Keys To A Colts Win In A Pressure Filled Game Against The Vikings | Stampede Blue

I'm not sure there is a such thing as a "pressure filled" game for the Colts this year, but this is good.

Pictures of Richie Incognito's Version of "Hard Nosed Football" Versus Antonio Smith | Battle Red Blog

Richie Incognito is a classy guy!