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Cheese Curds: Daily Green Bay Packers News and Links for September 17, 2012

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Be good and productive at work today. The eye in the sky is watching you.
Be good and productive at work today. The eye in the sky is watching you.

Instead of Kevin's usual cheddar curds, I'm here today with a plate of colby curds to give you a little change. After yesterday, doesn't watching a whole day of football without anything serious on the line seem like a whole lot of fun? I sure thought so. Plus, we get to do it again next week! On to the links!

Matthews leads teammates by example | JSOnline
Clay Matthews is good. Even Charles Woodson wants to be as good as Clay.

Lineup shakeup benefits the Packers defense | JSOnline
McMillian and Shields played much better on Thursday than the Doctor and Bush did last Sunday. Credit Dom Capers with his ability to correct his wrong decisions from week 1.

Packers Outside Linebackers: Erik Walden vs. Nick Perry
Adam at Jersey Al's looks at the two primary players at LOLB and their performances on Thursday. Nick Perry still has a ways to go.

Do The Packers Miss Joe Philbin? | Cheesehead TV
Here's an interesting idea. I'm thinking that the offense is still adjusting to some different personnel and that it will be fine.

Heading into appeal, Anthony Hargrove maintains his innocence - Yahoo! Sports
In former Packers news, Hargrove still says he didn't do anything wrong and shouldn't be suspended at all.

There's more from SBNation's NFL news after the jump.

Eli Manning Overcomes Early Interceptions, Leads New York To 41-34 Victory Over Tampa Bay -
Wait, Eli threw for over 500 yards? Ugh. The Packers' pass rush better keep improving for week 12.

See Patriots Missed FG And Sad, Sad Pats Fans - Revenge of the Birds
RoTB has some fun with the end of the Cardinals-Patriots game.

Overpowering Defense, Run Game Highlight Seattle's 27-7 Victory -
Hey headline writer: what happened to ALL RUSSELL WILSON EVERYTHING?

What Happened Here, Matthew Stafford? -
I can't even describe what Stafford did on this play. Just click and watch. Over and over again.

Now Calvin Pace Knows Why They Call Him 'Big Ben' -
Here's your juvenile hilarity (in GIF form) for the day.

VIDEO: This Replacement Ref Wants A WHAT? -
Some people want their MTV. This NFL replacement referee wants something called a "glamecock".

Replacement Referee Removed From Saints Game After Being Outed As New Orleans Fan -
This is getting insane. Just pay the striped men their money and let's get back to real football.

Now go get a cup of coffee and be productive or something. And remember: no matter how bad the replacement refs are, at least we're still watching football.