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Bears vs. Packers: Caption It!


It's just about time to put away that happy Week 2 matchup of the Packers beating the Bears, but before we do let's revisit the night one last time with a caption contest. I think this picture tells us most of what we need to know about the night....but I want to hear you put the picture into words.

Some inspiration....I was finishing my review of the defense and special teams today and my wife comes down with wee baby David crying as loud as he could. My lovely wife handed David over to me, our eyes met and she simply said "In case you needed inspiration for writing about Jay Cutler." I took it as a sign that this needed to happen.

So tell us what is Cutler thinking at this point in the game? Be funny, be witty, heck, be a little mean. The only thing that comes to my mind for this picture is something like this....

I would ask that since this particular caption contest is poking fun at a rival be aware that we may get some extra guests. Be welcoming and don't feed trolls. Have fun.