Cheesestradamus leaders after two weeks!

Cheesestradamus leaders after two weeks!

After two weeks of Cheesestradamus the leaders are..

Fartfacefive 17
Hendo 16
MikeyG76 16
Packers3485 15
the Trump 15
Matt Keegan 15
tmoneyttime1 14
gbwisfan 14
Bobsprotege 14
RaY_210 14
nrmorr 13

The Green Bay Packers started out with a rough schedule and so did Cheesestradamus. After preforming flawlessly the first week the thin veneer of success was stripped off Cheesestradamus and all the warts were showing. Now that I think of it? It was just like the Bears!

Adding the scores for week one was perfect but in week two the program decided to check the results of week two against week one's also? Not good! To make a long story short. (too late) The program-ER was at fault not the program. Each and every week I will correct (or add to) the mistakes made by "Cheese"! Hopefully the number of guffaws will shrink as will the number of drops by Finely? Maybe that will be a "Cheese" question for next week? How many dropped pass's will Jermichael Finley have?

The Seattle Seahawks beat the Cowboys last week and will be full of themselves (as will their fans). The twelfth man will be noisy and the Packers will have to be careful to not let the noise disrupt their already unfulfilled game plans. The best way to enjoy the Packers is with your friends and a list of your closest Cheesestradamus competitors. So if your not playing yet there is no time to loose. Get over to and register. It's easy, it's fun and It's not to late. Many of us have been skunked so far and it only take's one good weeks picks to shoot you right up to the top!

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