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Green Bay Packers Practice Squad: Eight Players Reportedly Signed - Updated

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A total of seven players have reportedly been signed to the Green Bay Packers practice squad after failing to be offered a spot on any team's 53-man roster. None of the players who were released by the Packers on Friday were able to latch on with new teams, and a few of them will be sticking around. Those players are, according to Wes Hodkiewicz of the Green Bay Press-Gazette:

OT Andrew Datko
WR Diondre Borel
RB Marc Tyler
DE Lawrence Guy
TE Brandon Bostick
OG/T Greg Van Roten
QB B.J. Coleman

UPDATE: G/T Chris Scott is the eighth member of the Packers practice squad.

It's worth noting that the Coleman signing hasn't been confirmed by the same outlet as the others, but it would be pretty stunning if Coleman was not offered a place on the Packers' practice squad.

The other signings were pretty much expected. Borel and Guy were with the team last season and will have another chance to make the team next season if they aren't picked up by other teams as injuries occur and teams need bodies.

Rookies Andrew Datko, Marc Tyler and B.J. Coleman were always expected to make the practice squad if they didn't make the 53-man roster. Bostick and Van Roten were undrafted rookies who came on later; Bostick was a tryout player, Van Roten signed well into the summer. They both impressed in camp and making a practice squad was their realistic goal coming into the summer.

Tori Gurley has signed with the Vikings' practice squad, while Dale Moss has signed with the Buccaneers' practice squad.


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