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Packers vs. Seahawks: MVP Of The Week

Let's take a break from the ref hate and focus on something positive....who was the Packers MVP in Monday's debacle?

Otto Greule Jr - Getty Images

Monday night's game was a tail of two halves. The first half will fill up the "Dud of the Week" post, but the second half will fill up this one. Something tells me that this may be one of the most controversial MVP's this season because right now I'm thinking outside the box for some of these....I'll throw in one bonus player for good measure though.

Let's meet this week's candidates:

A.J. Hawk. Bring on the hate all you Hawk dissenters. Come on, I dare you. Hawk played a pretty solid game last night and did most everything I would reasonably expect out of him. He was flying to the ball, making tackles, and just being a solid all around contributor. For the most part Marshawn Lynch was held in check and one of the biggest reasons why was Hawk.

D.J. Williams. D.J. Williams may have stemmed the tide in the second half based on his blocking alone. Williams was basically everything that Jermichael Finley isn't on Monday night. He was a reliable check down receiver, he held his own in blocking when the Packers needed to call max protects, and just provided a nice all around presence at TE. Hopefully he can build on this solid night and be a pleasant surprise for the season.

Sam Shields. I think Shields is the poster boy for this loss. He played a fantastic game. He was also the Packer single most screwed over by the refs as the game went on. It was Shields who got called for PI when he had perfect coverage on Sydney Rice (Rice actually pushed off on that play). It was Shields who again was pushed off on by Golden Tate during that farce of a final play. Shields was the one who was able to stay in his coverages and shut down the Seahawk receivers most of the know, when they weren't actively cheating. So far we have seen Shields improve in his tackling and in his coverages.....he may yet grow into the corner we were hoping him to be one day.

Cedric Benson. Man, I really, really want to list him here. His second half was something to behold....except his last play. That fumble cost of us the game. Other than that he would probably be my favorite for this honor.