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Packers vs. Seahawks: Dud Of The Week

It's that time again! Let's round up the usual suspects (cough, Marshall Newhouse and M.D. Jennings) and some new faces and see who is this week's Dud of the Week!

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Let's get one thing clear before we get into the meat of this weekly debate, there is one clear answer to who is the Dud of the Week, but you will not see it as an option to choose from. I will not put the refs up in this post ever....and I mean never ever. I don't care how bad they got or how much they screwed up the final result of the game, this is not a discussion that involves them. This honor is reserved for Packers only. If you want to complain about the refs please do so in one of the other countless posts that you will see from myself, Kevin, Tex, the other authors at the site or fan posts.....but this space is reserved for what went wrong from a Packer player only perspective.

Okay....with that said let's get right to the dirt.

Bryan Bulaga. He was owned by Bruce Irvin in the first half. His play improved a bit in the second half, but being whipped that bad by a rookie on MNF is unacceptable. I've been a big fan of Bulaga for some time, but it's time for us to notice that it's not only Newhouse that's struggling out there. Bulaga has to get his stuff together and get back into his 2011 form if the Packers have any hope of contending down the stretch.....for anything.

Marshall Newhouse. For the third week in a row he just failed at the LT spot. There is something to be said for all three defenses the Packers have faced but pretty soon we are going to have to accept the fact there is a problem at the tackle position.

M.D. Jennings. Yes, you made the pick and it was a bad call. You know what's a better decision in that situation though? Knock the ball down. Seriously, an incomplete pass wins the game as much an interception. Thank God for Jerron McMillian keeping this guy on the bench and limited to special teams plays.

Randall Cobb. On a night where some explosive runs could of helped a bunch Cobb was nowhere to be found. Mix in a couple bad drops and some miffed kickoff returns and that's just a bad night for him. The mean reason why he finds himself here though is because he should of been the star of the second half. With the Packers going into short passes and running plays this should of been up Cobb's alley. Instead he performed a disappearing act.