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NFL Power Rankings: How Far Can Green Bay Drop If They Didn't Really Lose?

The Green Bay Packers didn't really "lose" in the way half of NFL teams lose each week, so they're getting the benefit of the doubt in SB Nation's power rankings.

Kevin Casey - Getty Images

Last week, the Green Bay Packers were 3rd in SB Nation's NFL power rankings. Joel Thorman of the Mothership and Arrowhead Pride predicted that he wouldn't drop the Packers out of the top five for the rest of the season. He was wrong.

In this week's rankings, the Packers come in at No. 6. The justification:

Before the Monday Night Football games, I do my rankings and leave the two teams playing that night as TBD. The Packers were third before that game. I can not in good faith drop them any lower than this. They were screwed. Everyone knows it.

This is fair. Even if the Packers won that game, they probably deserved to drop a spot or two. They were bad in the first half, and didn't look like they were going to win the game until their second to last drive of the game. Even if the Packers were 2-1 right now, I don't think I could justify ranking them ahead of most of the other 2-1 teams.

Also, Joel has the Arizona Cardinals way too low. Three wins over top half teams and they're No. 9?