The Night of Football Madness

The Night of Football Madness

‘Twas the night of my birthday, when all through the room
There was laughter and joy, no sense of near doom
All but one pal cheered for the great Green and Yellow
And that one Seahawks fan was a brave little fellow

This birthday girl sat with her friends gathered ‘round
In hopes of a victory by one Title Town
And my friends in their Pack shirts, and I in mine too
Had just settled down, and the game we did view

When out on the field in the opening drive
Seattle had the ball, but failed to thrive
So into our chairs we fans settled in
And maintained a strong hope that the Packers would win

But that hope it did fade when the Pack got the ball
Rodgers passed twice to Benson for no gain at all
Then to make matters worse, the great quarterback
Stalled in the shotgun, and how Irvin did sack!

With the Pack starting off with a bad three and out
An easy win for my team I was starting to doubt
More rapid than Eagles the Hawks defense came
And they started to mess with A. Rodgers’ game

Not one sack, not two sacks, not three sacks, not four
Not five sacks, or six sacks, not seven, one more!
Things weren’t looking good for the Super Bowl studs
To be perfectly honest, they were looking like duds

Yellow flag after flag was thrown to the ground
Each replacement ref was looking quite like a clown
And at the end of the first, there was still no score
Though that would soon change, the Hawks would soon soar

The Pack had possession, but could not get beyond
The fifty yard line, oh, what was going on?
Then the Hawks got the ball, the opponents did battle
Then Wilson to Tate, no! Touchdown Seattle!

Things didn't look good for the pride of Green Bay
For their crappy playing, what could they say?
Was Raji just hungry? Did he need a quick bite?
Why wasn’t Matthews giving more of a fight?

Were they getting upset with all the penalties?
C’mon, Pack, I thought, pull it together, please!
Don’t you know it’s my birthday, and that I would like
A win from my favorite team, and maybe… a bike J

And then in the third, as if they had heard me
Not one but two field goals, thanks Mason Crosby!
At the start of the fourth, the Pack was down by just one
They still had a chance! It wasn’t yet done!

But in that last quarter, things got pretty weird
And we fans soon found out there was much to be feared
With ten minutes left, Rodgers threw for eleven
Jennings with the touchdown! Oh, thank heavens!

But wait, what was that? The call was reversed?
Well, these refs screwing up is hardly a first
Rodgers back with the ball got sacked at the two
And another reversal! Are these refs from the zoo?

Then with nine minutes left, the ball went to Benson
And after running one yard, he stepped into the end zone!
“Touchdown for the Packers!” we all gave a shout
“They’ve got it,” I said, without one shred of doubt

The Pack was up by five as the clock winded down
Now the lone Seahawks fan wore the only frown
Then like some canaries the yellow flags flew
Three in thirty seconds, “Boo, replacements, BOO!”

At the two minute warning Green Bay still had the lead
But the Hawks got the ball, and my sweat formed a bead
Then I stood up and paced, my eyes glued to the screen
“Hold them!” I shouted, “Go Yellow and Green!”

There were just less than thirty seconds to play
Quarterback Wilson was not making headway
He was stuck on the twenty, with eight seconds more
It was fourth and ten, their final chance to score

Then from the shotgun, Wilson threw the ball deep
And in the end zone, many players did leap
Four Packers, two Seahawks jumped into the air
M.D. from the Pack touched it first by a hair!

“Interception!” I shouted, then danced with delight
But heard “Touchdown!” instead, wait, that just can’t be right!
I had seen that Jennings had come down with the ball
There was no joint possession, not a little, not at all

The play was reviewed, and the call stayed the same
And it was all over, that was the game
I sat there bewildered and stunned and appalled
That TD was the dumbest I’d ever seen called

Now I’ll admit that the Packers did not play their best
Up there in the splendid Pacific Northwest
But I heard one ref say to the fans of Green and Blue
Merry Christmas, Seattle, that’s our gift to you ;)

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