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NFL Scouting Combine 2013: Quarterback Measurements

The signal-callers weighed in today in Indianapolis, and this year there are no "short" QBs in the class this year.

Tennessee's Tyler Bray
Tennessee's Tyler Bray

Unlike last year, when Wisconsin's Russell Wilson measured in at the scouting combine at 5' 10 5/8", there are no quarterbacks at the 2013 combine shorter than 6'2". There are still a few interesting physical specimens in this year's class, however.

With the Green Bay Packers unlikely to draft a quarterback in the early rounds, it seems unlikely that they'll look at the players in the top half of this year's draft. However, Mike Glennon of NC State surprised me, measuring in at 6 feet, 7 inches. I didn't realize that he was that tall. Another surprising measurement was E.J. Manuel's hands: they're the biggest in this QB class at 10-3/8" long. One player I was curious about is Minnesota's Marqueis Gray, who played some wide receiver for the Gophers and could be a candidate for a position change. He measured in at 6'3" and 240 pounds, the heaviest of any quarterback, and that's a size that suggests that he could potentially end up in a H-Back or tight end role.

Here's the full list of participants and measurements.

Player School Height Weight Hand Size
Matt Barkley USC 6-3 227 10
Tyler Bray Tennessee 6-6 232 9 1/4
Colby Cameron Louisiana Tech 6-2 212 9
Zac Dysert Miami of Ohio 6-3 231 9 1/8
Mike Glennon N.C. State 6-7 225 9 5/8
Marqueis Gray Minnesota 6-3 240 9 7/8
Landry Jones Oklahoma 6-4 225 9 1/8
Collin Klein Kansas State 6-5 226 9 1/4
E.J. Manuel Florida State 6-5 237 10 3/8
Ryan Nassib Syracuse 6-2 227 10 1/8
Sean Renfree Duke 6-3 219 9
Matt Scott Arizona 6-2 213 9
Geno Smith West Virginia 6-2 218 9 1/4
Brad Sorensen Southern Utah 6-4 237
James Vandenberg Iowa 6-3 226 9 3/4
Tyler Wilson Arkansas 6-2 215

Other combine height/weight measureables:

Tight Ends and Offensive Line