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Todd McShay's mock draft 2013: A big nose tackle to clog the middle for the Packers?

A fit, trim B.J. Raji at 3-4 end is more effective than a big, fat B.J. Raji at nose tackle. Ryan Pickett only has one year left in the tank. Is a big nose tackle from Georgia the cure to what ails the Green Bay Packers defense? They're getting one in Todd McShay's mock draft.


It's brand new mock draft time over at the Worldwide Leader. If you missed Mel Kiper's mock draft earlier, he has the Pack taking Eddie Lacy. Kiper had the Packers making that selection with a number of defensive players that would fit the Green Bay Packers still sitting on the board. One of those players is Georgia Bulldogs nose tackle John Jenkins, who's going to Green Bay in Todd McShay's mock draft.

You can find McShay's full mock here, if you have ESPN Insider access. Once again: Because ESPN has the right to put whatever they want behind a paywall, I'm not going to copy McShay's analysis word-for-word, but I'll give you the general gist of it.

McShay notes that, in his mock, there is no left tackle remaining with a first round grade. Lacy had already been picked up by this point in McShay's mock as well. He notes that Green Bay was in the bottom third of the NFL in yards per carry allowed, and that Jenkins has excellent mobility for his size.

I agree on that last point, and I'm all about taking Jenkins at No. 26 if he's still around. Even though I feel that offensive tackle, running back and linebacker are all areas where the Packers could use some serious help -- perhaps more so than at D-line in all cases -- Jenkins presents excellent value at the bottom of the first. The only concern about him is whether or not he'll be able stay healthy and play 40-50 defensive snaps week in, week out for a decade in the NFL.

I'll leave it up to scouts and doctors to decide whether or not he's worth the risk. If the Packers pass on Jenkins without taking a player with a clear first round grade at a position of need, it's probably because their scouts and doctors decided he couldn't hold up. I think he can, based on what I've seen, but I wouldn't be stunned if some teams were unwilling to take him in the first round.