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NFL Draft 2013: Packers' Compensatory Pick Announced

As expected, the Green Bay Packers were awarded a compensatory pick in this year's NFL Draft due to the free agency period of 2012. However, it was not in the round that many expected.


This evening, the NFL announced the compensatory picks that were awarded to teams based upon players lost and signed during the 2012 free agency period. If you remember, the Green Bay Packers lost two high-profile players to free agency: quarterback Matt Flynn, who signed with the Seattle Seahawks, and center Scott Wells who left for the St. Louis Rams. The Packers did sign one free agent of their own, center Jeff Saturday, in a move that turned out to be very disappointing.

The NFL ran their magic math formula on those signings and has determined that the Packers will get a single compensatory pick in this year's draft, and that is pick number 34 of the fifth round, or #167 overall. Many in the media expected the formula to leave the Packers with a 4th-round pick, but they apparently overestimated the way the NFL would value the Packers' free agent losses.

Ted Thompson has made some excellent picks using compensatory draft selections in the past. Here's a list of all the compensatory selections under his watch:

2012: DL Mike Daniels (4th round, #132), S Jerron McMillian (4th round, #133), T Andrew Datko (7th, #241), QB B.J. Coleman (7th, #243)

2011: CB Davon House (4th, #131)

2010: T Marshall Newhouse (5th, #169)

2008: G Josh Sitton (4th, #135)

2007: TE Clark Harris (7th, #243)

2006: OL Tony Moll (5th, #165), DL Dave Tollefson (7th, #253)

That's two starters including an All-Pro-caliber guard, plus two fast-developing defensive backs in McMillian and House who both have the potential to start in the future. Hopefully this year's pick turns out like these and not like Clark Harris, who never played a game in a Packers uniform.

Click here for the full list of compensatory picks in the 2013 draft.