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NFL Draft 2013: SBNation Mock Selects Eddie Lacy for Packers

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Monday means another mock draft from SBNation, and as usual means a different player is projected to the Packers with the 26th pick.

Butch Dill

With the sting of Monday putting an end to your weekend comes the fresh scent of a new mock draft by the guys at SBNation central. As has been the case most weeks, the pick has changed from last Monday and now projects a player whose name will likely make many readers happy: Alabama running back Eddie Lacy.

Dan Kadar justifies the pick by saying this:

In the actual draft, this is one of the picks that could be traded to a team wanting to come up for a quarterback. The Packers have a good roster and some players coming back from injury. If they keep the pick, they could go after a safety, defensive lineman or a running back. Lacy may not be Trent Richardson, but he should routinely generate positive yards and give the Packers a lead running back.

I completely agree that the Packers would be likely to trade down if certain players have come off the board, and in this mock you have a few popular names like Tyler Eifert and Johnathan Hankins unavailable by the 26th pick. Personally, I'd still like the value of a John Jenkins better than Lacy here, but I would expect the Packers to seek out a trade if their top targets are gone. I certainly can't fault Dan's logic though, since the mock assumes no trading of the picks. Lacy has of course been projected in and out of the first round, and many draft analysts have placed him as the Packers' pick at 26 throughout the draft season.

As for the rest of the NFC North's projected selections:

5. Detroit Lions: Ziggy Ansah, DE, BYU
20. Chicago Bears: Jonathan Cooper, G, North Carolina
23. Minnesota Vikings: Arthur Brown, LB, Kansas State
25. Vikings: Johnathan Hankins, DT, Ohio State

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