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Mock Draft 2013: Packers Projected to Trade Down

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SBNation's Matthew Fairburn is now factoring in the possibility of trades in his first-round mock draft, and the Packers are involved in one of those trades.


It's another week and another mock draft with a different projection for what the Green Bay Packers will do with the 26th overall pick in this year's NFL Draft. While we have seen players from all different positions projected to be chosen by Ted Thompson, SBNation's Matthew Fairburn has one of the first mocks that is really trying to get a handle on the possibility of picks swapping hands in the first round. With that in mind, you can probably imagine what the Packers are projected to do here: trade back into the second round.

The Packers are projected to trade with the Buffalo Bills, who currently hold the ninth pick of the second round, or the 41st overall pick. It's certainly an interesting scenario with the Bills needing a quarterback, and if they truly lock up a star they would get to sign their QB to a five-year rookie contract by moving up into the first round instead of limiting that deal to four years as is the maximum in later rounds.

However, in order to convince the Packers to move back 15 spots from 26 all the way to 41, the Bills would likely need to offer a very appealing package. That would almost assuredly involve their third-round pick at 71st overall, and could even include a later pick in the 2013 draft or a mid-rounder in 2014. However, if they do package their second and third rounders, that would give the Packers four selections between the 41st and 88th picks. That could be exactly what a team like the Packers needs - four players who can contribute right away but who would not absolutely start from day one. With the depth of talent likely to be drafted on the second day, that could definitely be a good option for the Packers.

Another potential trade partner could be the Jaguars, who have the first pick in the second round (33rd overall). However, they would likely only be in play for a trade if they pass on Geno Smith with the second overall selection. Keep an eye on the Eagles (3rd pick in round two/35th overall) and the Cardinals (6th/38th) as potential options as well.

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