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NFL Draft 2013: Evaluating Some Possible Packers Trade Partners

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With reports of a playoff team wanting to move up, we theorize a few other potential landing places for the Packers in draft-day trades.


A popular suggestion leading up to the first round of this year's NFL Draft is for the Green Bay Packers to trade down out of the 26th overall position in order to add another pick or two and get better value with their first selection. Many of these suggestions have involved teams picking early in the second round moving up to try to find a quarterback. However, a report surfaced this afternoon that suggests that another playoff team could be looking to move up a few spots:

This would be an interesting move. The 49ers have the 31st pick in the first round, but they also have the second pick in the second round at 34 overall (received from Kansas City in the Alex Smith trade), and either one of those selections could be in play here. Moving up five spots from 31 to 26 probably would not cost a second round pick unless the Packers have some serious leverage; however, jumping up eight spots from 34 might be enough for Ted Thompson to command the 49ers' original second-rounder at 61 overall.

Here are some other trade possibilities that we have imagined recently involving the Packers trading back into the second round:

Jacksonville Jaguars (#33 overall)

A trade back to pick 33 would only be realistic if the Jaguars decide not to take a quarterback at #2 overall but still would like to acquire one. The main reason for Jacksonville moving up would be to beat other QB-needy teams to the punch and also to get a fifth year of team control as a first-round pick. The trade could involve Jacksonville's third-round pick at 64 overall, which would give the Packers another solid value pick on day two of the draft, but it seems possible that Green Bay would need to send a late pick to balance out the value a little more.

Philadelphia Eagles (#35 overall)

The rationale here is similar to that of the Jaguars, but if Jacksonville takes Geno Smith early on then the Eagles could probably wait until their pick. A move up nine spots would probably cost a third-rounder, and Ted could try to hold out for a little more.

Arizona Cardinals (#38 overall)

Instead of a quarterback-needy team, I could see the Cardinals making a move up into the late first round if they do not address their needs on the offensive line early and a tackle like D.J. Fluker is still around. This would almost certainly need a third-round pick (69 overall) and perhaps a little extra to sweeten the deal for Green Bay to slip back twelve positions, but it certainly seems possible.

Ultimately, none of us know what will go on in the Packers' War Room on Thursday evening, but it's always fun to try to imagine the wheeling and dealing that will go on. And with so many teams looking to move back, it could be the perfect time for Ted to shock the Packers' fan base and move up instead. I could definitely see a team like Pittsburgh at 17 or Cincinnati at 21 being willing to move back a few slots if Ted has his eye on someone.

We're a little over 48 hours from finding out.

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