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2013 NFL Draft: Reader Poll - Who will Green Bay draft in Round 1?

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This is one of your final chances to sound off on what you think the Packers will do in the first round.

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Ted Thompson has tended to be a notoriously difficult man to predict. Whether it involves trading up for players like Clay Matthews, moving back to add value picks later on, or just taking players who are unexpected selections (Justin Harrell, anyone?), there's little chance of truly understanding his thought process. Then, just when you think he's going to throw you for a loop, he makes an obvious pick when a player like Bryan Bulaga falls into his lap.

Personally, I see this year's draft being more challenging to project than most. Part of this is because of a perceived lack of top-end talent, but another factor is that so many teams seem to have so many holes at so many positions that it's not just Green Bay who is difficult to predict - it's every NFL club.

That doesn't stop us from trying, though, and we want to give the Acme Packing Company community one final opportunity to weigh in on what direction you think the Packers will go with the 26th pick in the draft. For the sake of argument, we are going to assume that there is no trade down, as that option would likely win the poll in a landslide at this point. On to the nominees:

S Matt Elam
S Eric Reid
DE Datone Jones
DT Johnathan Hankins
RB Eddie Lacy
TE Tyler Eifert
WR DeAndre Hopkins

We believe that a legitimate case can be made for any of these players - and you'll find out a little more about our feelings on them soon. What we do know is that every one of these players has been projected to the Packers at one time or another, and any of them could be available for Green Bay to select with the 26th pick. So get your typing fingers ready and explain your choice in the comments!

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