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NFL Draft 2013: Taking a Final Look at Packers' Team Needs

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We disagree with SBNation's analysis of the Packers needs, which prove that pretty infographics aren't everything.

Tom Lynn

Over at, they have a pretty little infographic about the Green Bay Packers' positional needs in advance of tonight's 2013 NFL Draft. It's in handy-dandy color-coding too, so there's no need to sit through paragraphs and paragraphs of wordy analysis to figure out what's going on! Check it out here.

Wait a I'm wondering if I'm color-blind. What looks like blue to me is listed as "good to go", suggesting that there isn't really a need at that position. So why is defensive end blue-ish instead of yellow or red? And why is ILB yellow and OLB blue, instead of vice versa? I'M SO CONFUSED.

At least safety and running back both look big, red, and scary.

From the descriptions below, however, these needs are described very differently:

Defensive line -- Shoring up that run defense is a top priority for the Packers, and a bulky defensive tackle to clog the middle would be welcome.

Running back -- Green Bay currently has six running backs listed on the roster, but none of them inspire much confidence. Cedric Benson played in just five games last season, rushing for 248 yards, and while Ryan Grant was once a force in the backfield, he's compiled 736 yards over the last three years.

Center -- Jeff Saturday gave way to Evan Dietrich-Smith over the last six weeks of the 2012 season, and the 14-year veteran is now retired, leaving Garth Gerhart as the only other center on the team. If for no other reason than depth, adding another wouldn't be a bad move.

I'm sorry, but run defense starts as much with the defensive ends as it does with the nose tackle. And while tackle is certainly a need, to completely disregard the need for a difference-maker at end (not to mention getting the slightest bit of pass-rushing capability there) seems like a misjudgment to me.

That said, I could see Alabama's Jesse Williams being the pick and rotating behind B.J. Raji and Ryan Pickett at the 3-technique and end positions this season while he gets ready to be a full-time starter in 2014 when one (or both) of the veterans depart in free agency. Check out a profile of Williams by SBNation's Alabama blog, Roll Tide Roll.

There's one other bone I have to pick with this article. You would think that if three positions are labeled in red, that those would be the positions listed when you make a list of the "top three needs". Safety is also big, red, and scary, but is nowhere to be found on that list. It just doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

Our APC consensus on the Packers' team needs is here, so feel free to check that out and see why we unanimously chose the defensive line as the Packers' biggest need.

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