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2013 NFL Draft Results: Green Bay Packers Pick Datone Jones



With the 26th overall selection in the 2013 NFL Draft, the Green Bay Packers have selected...

DE Datone Jones, UCLA

We covered film study on him earlier this week - check out an excerpt below and the full analysis here.

All the talent is there to be a great end in a 3-4, but Jones will need good coaching in order to become more consistent and learn how to react better to the more consistent double teaming he’d see in the 3-4. For right now, Jones should probably work in a rotation and not have immediate starting expectations put on him, but I believe he can become a great 3-4 end in very short order.

We'll have complete analysis of the pick as tonight goes on. A complete list of the Packers' remaining selections is below.

Round Pick # Overall Selection
1 26 26 Datone Jones, DE, UCLA
2 23 55
3 26 88
4 25 122
5 26 159
5 34 167
6 25 193
7 26 232

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