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2013 Offseason Roster Evaluations

Post-Draft Roster Breakdown: Outside Linebackers

APC breaks down the state of the outside linebacker position for the Packers as the post-draft reviews roll on.

Which UDFAs are Most Likely to Stick in Green Bay?

Will the Packers be getting the next Sam Shields, or another batch of Vic So'otos?

Post-Draft Roster Breakdown: Quarterbacks

With only one addition at the position, the Packers' "other" QBs look to define their roles behind a superstar.

Post-Draft Roster Breakdown: Tight Ends

Which tight ends are primed for big seasons in 2013?

Post-Draft Roster Breakdown: Offensive Line

The recently announced changes on the line give us clarity at four of the five starting positions as we approach the start of OTAs.

Post-Draft Roster Breakdown: Wide Receivers

The Packers added three wideouts to the unit over the past few weeks, but it seems unlikely that more than one will make the opening week roster.

Post-Draft Roster Breakdown: Running Backs

There are a few new faces in the Packers’ backfield, but what kind of an impact will they make early on?

Post-Draft Roster Breakdown: Defensive Line

Two new faces join the Packers' defensive front, but what kind of an impact will they make early on?

Coaches Breakdown: McCarthy Still The Head Cheese

Mike McCarthy has brought a Super Bowl to Green Bay, but is he one of the better coaches in the league? He is one of the best at developing talent and keeping a team together, but questionable play calling and poor running attack cause doubt.

Coaches Breakdown: The Capers Rollercoaster

As another promising season ends due to a high profile failure on defense it’s natural to question whether the Packers have the right defensive coordinator. The improvements made on defense this year despite major injuries make this a difficult ques

Coaches Breakdown: Clements' Slow Start

It was Tom Clements first year as offensive coordinator. The offense was still strong, but struggled throughout the year and failed to rank as a top 10 team for yards per game for the first time in McCarthy’s tenure in Green Bay. Not a great start.

Coaching Breakdown: Slocum Still A Target

Shawn Slocum has been a guy many have wanted to see fired. The 2012 season probably did not change anyone’s mind one way or another with its mixed bag of high profile successes and failures.

Powering Up For The Offseason

After completing an evaluation of the Packers’ roster for 2013 it seems there are more questions than answers. Despite these questions the Packers are in a good place entering this offseason and appear to be one of the Power Teams in the league.

Specialists Breakdown: Ginger Wolverine Attack!

APC’s initial evaluation of the Packers’ roster concludes with a look at the three specialists, kicker, punter, and long snapper. Normally this post is a quick "yup they’re good" and then call it a day. This article can’t do that this year……sigh.

S Breakdown: Hope For The Future

The safety unit has undergone significant changes from last year resulting in some impressive young talent at the position. The problem is that much of this talent is still a bit raw and may need more time to develop.

CB Breakdown: Finally, Both Talent and Depth!

Most positions for the Green Bay Packers seem to either have impact players or depth, but not both. Finally, cornerback is a spot where the two come together.

ILB Breakdown: Upgrades Needed...But When?

The inside linebacker position for the Packers seems to have the opposite problems facing the outside linebacker spot. Here there are plenty of bodies, but signature great player to anchor the group.

OLB Breakdown: Searching for Depth

Only three players are signed for 2013 at outside linebacker, though one is a perennial All-Pro candidate. The Packers will need to shore up the depth at this position in the off-season.

DL Breakdown: Role Players Everywhere

While there are many interesting players on the Packers' defensive line, none of them is truly an impact player yet. The Packers may need to look for one this off-season.

OL Breakdown: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

How you see the Packers offensive line may be one of the truest test of whether you are an optimist or a pessimist. The problem is that even the biggest optimist would need to admit upgrades are needed.

TE Breakdown: Living Up to Potential

The Packers have four tight ends signed for 2013, and while the group has great possibilities, none of them has played up to his ceiling yet.

WR Breakdown: Facing The Upcoming Brain Drain

APC's initial roster evaluations continue with a look at the changing face of the wide receiving corp. Can the Packers overcome the loss of Greg Jennings and Donald Driver? Will Jordy Nelson, James Jones, and Randall Cobb be enough for 2013?

RB Breakdown: Questions Abound

The running back position may be the most uncertain this coming offseason. The biggest question of all though may be whether the Packers have found a legitimate starting running back in DuJuan Harris.

QB Breakdown: Uncertainty Behind Rodgers

APC kicks off a week-long series looking at each positional unit on the Packers and examining the players under contract for 2013. As always, analysis begins at the quarterback position.