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Packers vs. 49ers odds: Lines aren't moving much

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Everyone still thinks that the 49ers are going to win by a field goal.


The San Francisco 49ers opened as three-point favorites against the Green Bay Packers, which I thought sounded about right when I wrote about the line earlier this week. At that point, the line was holding at most bookies and moving a bit towards the Packers at others. It's gameday, and that's still the case. Every bookmaker that OddShark tracks has the Niners as three or two-and-a-half point favorites.

This means that Vegas is going to make money this week. Congrats, Vegas! The bookies at Vegas are usually very skilled at taking your money, but they've lost a lot of money this year thanks to popular big-name favorites like the Packers, 49ers, Broncos and Patriots frequently covering the spread. If this line isn't moving, that means that they money's even on both sides, and payouts on point spread bets are always less than 2:1.

I'm confident that the Packers will win, but the Niners are a three-point favorite for a reason.