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Aaron Rodgers' stats vs. 49ers in Week 1: Expecting improvement?

Vote in our poll and discuss what exactly contained Aaron Rodgers the first time he faced the 49ers.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

During the Green Bay Packers' first meeting with the San Francisco 49ers, in Week 1 of the season, Aaron Rodgers put together a respectable but hardly stellar performance, at least by his lofty standards. Rodgers was able to pad his stats a bit with the Packers' late comeback surge, but his passer rating of 93.3 was quite a bit below his season average. He had one interception on the day, and averaged just 6.9 yards per attempt.

A number of factors contributed to Rodgers' average statistical performance, and I assume that most Packers fans believe that Rodgers will be better on Saturday. Before the game, I have a question for you: What contributed most to Rodgers' average numbers?

Obviously, the 49ers have a defense that is very solid all-around. Their DBs got the job done in that game, while the Niners' pass rush got Rodgers to the ground on three occasions. The 49ers also benefitted from knowing that the Packers had nothing for them on the ground, and Green Bay's lack of balance was an issue.

It's also worth noting that it was the first game of the season, and Rodgers got better as the season went on, like many quarterbacks in the league. It could have just been a bit of rust.

What do you think was the biggest contributing factor to the Packers' passing offense struggling to reach their normal level in Week 1? What do you think is going to change today?