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Packers vs. 49ers score update: Sam Shields pick 6 makes it 7-0 Green Bay

The Green Bay Packers are off to a dream start at Candlestick Park, thanks to an interception returned for a touchdown by Sam Shields. During his time as the San Francisco 49ers' starting quarterback, Colin Kaepernick hasn't looked the least bit rattled or out of his depth at any point, but his inexperience got the better of him on his first drive of the night on Saturday.

Some good coverage and great containment by C.J. Wilson on a 3rd down play forced Kaepernick to try to force a ball into Vernon Davis. Shields read the pass perfectly and jumped the route, picking off the Niners' QB. Kaepernick nearly made a tackle on Shields to save a touchdown, but the Packers' CB skipped over him and returned the ball 52 yards for a touchdown.

It's a great start for the Packers, but Kaepernick can only improve from here. He's not one to rattle easily.