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2013 NFL playoffs, Packers vs. 49ers: Score update, 7-7 after Colin Kaepernick run

Colin Kaepernick has already made up for his terrible early pick-6. On the San Francisco 49ers' first drive following that interception returned for a touchdown by Sam Shields, they managed to march all the way down the field for a touchdown of their own, with Kaepernick punching in the score on a spectacular 20-yard run.

On a 3rd down and 8 play, with the Packers attempting to force the 49ers into a field goal attempt, San Francisco spread out their formation and went with an empty backfield. The Packers lined up in man-to-man coverage, with no one spying Kaepernick. He didn't even bother to look for his second passing option before taking off into a completely open middle of the field, then beat the defense with his speed en route to a simple touchdown.

It's not obvious whether Dom Capers made a mistake or someone blew an assignment, but there's no excuse for no one to be watching out for a potential QB run play on 3rd down and 8 while Kaepernick is under center. It's an inexcusable mistake.