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Packers vs. 49ers: MVP of the Week

It’s time for one last MVP of the Week. Despite some outright performances on the part of the Packers, some players were able to put together some impressive – yet flawed – nights. Will any of them be worthy of MVP of the Week?

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

So it’s Monday. You’ve had a day or so to get some space from that awful defeat. It should help, but if you are anything like me, it probably didn’t and there is a still a bit of sadness where your heart should be. Oh well, we have a few months to lick our wounds and let our pride heal before the draft.

As we often do when breaking down the wins and losses we start with some of the positives and who was the most valuable player for the night. I’m going to be honest with you that this particular award is going to be a moving target this week because most of the individual performances were pretty flawed for one reason or another. I’ll acknowledge right now that some of us probably don’t want to have a single player named. I understand your point, but I still think there are a couple players who can be recognized for individual achievement, however, this loss was bad enough that I’ll break from my hard line stance of there has to be a winner every week to include a no one in the poll. Given how many flaws there are out there I really have sympathy for the "no one" argument.

Let’s meet the nominees for our final MVP of the Week of the 2012 campaign….

QB Aaron Rodgers – Rodgers had a pretty pedestrian day, but still put up numbers and made plays that most teams would love to see out of their QB. He spread the ball around to plenty of receivers and kept the Packers in the game until things got ugly midway through the second half. The best reason for voting for Rodgers though? As much as an off night as it was for Rodgers, the Packers would have been absolutely lost without him out there. He is the best Packer player bar none.

WR James Jones – I have to admit I was surprised to see Jones putting up 87 yards that night. It was then that I realized that Jones may have made of been a key part of the all the major offensive plays of the night save one. He had the critical 44 yard reception to set up the first offensive TD of the night. He caught the second offensive TD of the nigh on a beautiful route. He disappeared a bit in the second half, but that was most of the offense really. I would still consider this a pretty strong game for Jones to cap off an impressive season.

RB DuJuan Harris – Sure he only put up 53 yards in the game, but is it his fault the offensive playcalling went stupid? I don’t think so. Harris had a beautiful run for a touchdown and showed that he can pick up the tough yards against the meanest nastiest defense in the NFL….and on a playoff stage no less. How much more can you ask out of a RB found on the street?

CB Sam Shields – The defense is getting lots of flack right now. They will continue to get flack for many months. They deserve much of what they get, but one player that should get a get out of shame free card is Shields. He kept pretty solid coverage throughout the night. Made the tackle the few times his receiver did make the catch (save the TD he allowed) and got a pick six on the first possession of the night. Like Jones, this is a pretty solid way to end an impressive year for Shields.

That’s it folks. I kicked around a sentimental nominee for Greg Jennings or Donald Driver, but just couldn’t bring myself to do it really. Driver didn’t see the field and Jennings night was rather middling over all….although he did have one nice 30 yard catch and a TD reception. If you think one of these two, or a different Packer not named, deserves some MVP love be sure to write them in the comments section.