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Packers vs. 49ers: Working class hero of the week

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Some players played well, despite the Packers' loss on Saturday.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sport

The positive awards are tough after a big loss, but working class hero is always easier to hand out than MVP after games like the one the Packers played against the 49ers. I thought three unsung heroes stood out as putting in solid performances. Here are your nominees.

Marshall Newhouse: Held his own very well against Aldon Smith. The Packers had plenty of problems on both sides of the ball on Saturday, but Aaron Rodgers' time to throw was not one of them. Newhouse did an excellent job of keeping Rodgers' blind side protected.

Dezman Moses: I know that people will be averse to voting for any linebackers, but Moses was an insane upgrade over Erik Walden in his time on the field. He didn't make any huge plays, but didn't make any awful errors reading the option either, and made a couple of tackles to hold the Niners to short or medium gains when other players were allowing massive bursts on the ground.

DuJuan Harris: It's not his fault the Packers got away from the running game. He did exactly what was asked of him when he was involved in play.

Who was your working class hero of the week?