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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers news and links for January 15, 2013

Daily Green Bay Packers news and links, today on Dom Capers, Jeremy Ross, and the Pro Bowl (ick).

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Happy Tuesday, ladies and gentlemen. It is weird that the Packers' season is over, but we're probably going to dive right into looking at draft things. The East-West Shrine Game and NFLPA all-star game are both this weekend, with practice starting today. I know that SB Nation has people at practice for both games, so we'll get some decent info. The Senior Bowl is next week. We have a very long way to go until the true blogging offseason.

In today's edition of Cheese Curds, we have stories on Dom Capers' job situation, Jeremy Ross' mental toughness, Donald Driver's physical condition ... and the Pro Bowl. Ick.

Packers coaching staff to coach NFC in Pro Bowl again |

Good for them, I guess.

Capers should stay | Green Bay Press-Gazette

I'm very on the fence about this.

Packers' Jeremy Ross looks to handle adversity of muffed punt | Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

He'll be back, y'all.

Driver's football future with Packers uncertain | FOX Sports Wisconsin

Only in the way that everything is uncertain. I'm 99 percent sure he'll be gone.

Packers Stock Report: Season's Over Edition | Jersey Al's

Seems right.