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Aaron Rodgers will not play in Pro Bowl

Surprise! The Packers' star QB has a 'lower body injury'.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sport

In the words of Rob Demovsky, it seeks that Aaron Rodgers is allergic to meaningless football. News dropped this afternoon that the Green Bay Packers' QB, who was elected as the Pro Bowl starter in the NFC, will not play in the game. Rodgers has a lower body injury which will go undisclosed, probably because he wouldn't even be listed on the injury report if he was playing in the NFC Championship this weekend. Mike Vandermause has some details.

I look forward to seeing which quarterbacks actually end up on the field for the Pro Bowl. I've got a strong hunch that we won't be seeing Peyton Manning either. Matt Ryan can't go if he wins on Sunday, and neither can Tom Brady. Obviously, Robert Griffin won't be going. I look forward to the showdown between Jay Cutler and Carson Palmer.

I don't think anyone is going to be too broken up about this. The Pro Bowl is an absolutely ridiculous exercise that the NFL is never going to be able to legitimize, despite all of their recent changes to the event. I'm pleased that Rodgers won't be participating.