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Mike McCarthy backs Dom Capers; the internet doesn't like that

During his Tuesday press conference, Mike McCarthy was asked about the job status of Dom Capers. He didn't take that question well, and Twitter didn't take his answer well.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Mike McCarthy spoke to the press this afternoon. Lots of very angry fans have been tweeting at prominent Green Bay-based journalists since the loss to the San Francisco 49ers asking them to ask McCarthy about the job status of defensive coordinator Dom Capers.

Well, someone asked. McCarthy answered.

That word, "appalled"? Not great word choice on the part of McCarthy, at least in terms of PR. Here's some awesome reaction from fans to that choice of words.

This isn't going away. This isn't going away until the Packers dominate a team defensively in a playoff win, actually. Right or wrong, Capers (and the people who decide to employ him) are going to catch some heat for the foreseeable future.